Thursday, 2 July 2009

Write Club: Running in heels...

Today I am wearing some lovely brown wedge heels, that I bought a year ago from French Connection. They are very summery but they aren't very comfortable, hence I now remember why I haven't worn them in about 6 months. However, as I am 5 feet 3 inches in stature, I feel like wearing high heeled shoes makes me feel taller, thus more empowered, thus better able to put my opinion across in deep, political, high-brow coversations (with er, giants).
Or, do I just wear them so that those over 5 foot 7 don't have to stoop to hear me?
Some female friends, all of whom sit comfortably in the 5ft7-5ft11 height group, a group that is almost as foreign to me as the 5ft7- 5ft11 male group, were very excited about the prospect of going out dancing together tomorrow night. The reason for their excitement? As they are all a similar height, they could all wear heels without the risk of alienating their other dwarf-like friends. Queue constenation from my quarters (oi, I'm down here). I couldn't understand why, at their respective heights, they would want to wear these shoes? They are uncomfortable after a couple of hours/minutes standing or even sitting, let alone dancing for hours, and you can't really make any kind of dash unless a) you don't mind the prospect of falling flat on your face, or b) you are Sarah Jessica Parker and you've been practising for 6 years. Heels put you at risk of health problems in later life, and worse, they put you at risk of meeting seemingly attractive members of the opposite sex who on standing, are found to be 4 inches shorter than you (Sophie Dahl is the exception, not the rule). Did I also mention that they are extremely uncomfortable?
The glamazons batted away my warnings and all agreed that wearing heels made them feel sexier, lengthened their (already pretty amazing) legs and made them feel more feminine. There I was thinking that those blessed with greater-than-average height revelled in their power and prestige on a daily basis, but what they really care about is that all this height apparently doesn't guarantee them sex-appeal.
My friends made valid points, but it wasn't enough to convince me. I can't compete with a 6ft lady with endless legs, in the office or at a club; but come tomorrow night, surely it will look sexier to be sashaying in flip-flops rather than grimacing at the edge of the dancefloor?

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