Thursday, 4 June 2009

Write Club Day 11: Voting

As I prepare to vote in the EU elections this evening, I have been thinking about a little study I'd like to undertake। I wonder how many people will vote in the UK today for their European parliament member and how this will compare to those who vote for the next Big Brother eviction (the new UK Big Brother starts tomorrow night)? I expect that this comparison has been drawn before, so with feelings about the sanctity of government at an all time low (well, in my household anyway) I think we need to spend government money on a thinktank। How to merge 'TV' and 'MP' to equal something which is meaningful, entertaining and beneficial to running the country? I've had a couple of ideas: a) Press the red button. Instead of the usual 'boos', a mysterious pie thrower throws a cream pie at Gordon Brown at PM's Question Time, when we don't like what he's saying. Ok, we may not have a big enough supply of cream pies for that endeavour, but it would make you tune in, wouldn't it? Or b) How about an expenses raffle? If you pay 25p to text-vote at the next General Election, you are automatically entered into a draw to be awarded a random amount repaid by a beleagured MP incorrectly claimed on expenses for their swimming pool cleaning, dog walking, elephant taming etc. And all the Tv generation have to do is press the red, blue, yellow or green button on the remote. Would I have to involve the BNP? Fine, they can have the 'back up' button on the remote, given as they really get my back up. Hmmmm, there would be vote fixing though wouldn't there? And we'd end up pressing the wrong button and voting for Susan Boyle to be PM. But would that be such a bad thing?

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