Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Write Club Day 9 Tomb Raider

Its going to have to be a quick one today. But this is easy as it segues nicely from Write Club Day 8.
I have been reading Empire Magazine's Top 100 Computer Games and I've seen such a partisan shoot-em-up obsessed list (I believe it features all 4 Metal Gear Solid games). But the biggest travesty is that one of my favourite games Tomb Raider, is 39th out of 100. Early Zelda games should not feature above Lara Croft! Its renown the world over, it created a unique strong-willed, authoritative, independent female icon (albeit with an impossble figure I grant you) and it was so clever combining intricate puzzle solving with thrills and kills.
I think the readers/judges have got it completely wrong. I seem now to have morphed into some kind of gaming feminist, so future Write Club updates may move on to less niche matters. Rant over.

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