Friday, 5 June 2009

Write Club Day 12: Music - ad infinitum

It struck me today that current advertising has a really bad press, if you'll excuse the pun. In these times ads seem excessive, unrealistic and they interfere with our programming. But what about looking at it from a different perspective? What about ad agencies, rather than being the enemy, actually needing praise for embracing green issues, particularly recycling. I am specifically referring to the use of old tunes within new ads.  OK maybe its lazy and its cost cutting, but I think that its a great idea, because it has reminded me of some classic songs that I haven't heard in years.

Some cool reissued ad tunes are:

- Ring my bell by Anita Ward
- Achilles Heel by Toploader
- My Sharona by The Knack (all available on itunes)

But when I hear my current favourite ad tune, I feel happy and disgusted at the same time. I loved the Disney film Robin Hood when I was young, and it has a phenomenal soundtrack. So I was extremely happy when I heard this song the other day:

Unfortunately, it was being used in a McDonalds advert. What a shame! So then I wondered, can recycling of this nature go too far? I have noticed some full recycling of 10 years of adverts in the form of a hastily-edited montage. This from the providers of a famous washing powder and a very famous gravy! I think music is enduring, I hope washing powder isn't.

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