Monday, 25 May 2009

Who needs SATC2 when we have Mistresses?

Originally written March 2009
Rumours abound that a sequel to the Sex And The City Movie is to start filming at any moment. Although I’m not surprised that demand means the story will continue, I’m not exactly sure that it’s necessary.
Die-hard Sex And The City fans will probably curse at this article’s title; but don’t get me wrong, I own the complete six series boxset and loved the film. However, can you have too much of a good thing? SATC was renown for being over the top, but the vast majority of the audience watched the show for two reasons: 1) the outrageous amorous pickles of the four main characters and 2) the fabulous wardrobe. But recently I have found a show that might try to steal the 'Sex' crown, yet in an altogether classier and more understated way. And best of all? It’s on this side of the pond.
BBC1’s Mistresses has all of the SATC qualities in spades, yet it’s fresh. It’s about four successful Noughties females who are of a certain age, ok, so much so SATC, but they aren’t exorbitantly rich or living lives seemingly unattainable (how did Carrie afford all of those Manolos?). Even better, with this show we don’t know how things are going to pan out in the character’s tangled lives, but we are still mesmerised by their problems and the fashion. Is it wrong to find myself coveting Jessica's fluorescent swishy skirts as much as I want Trudy to find a good man? Let's not forget the myriad attractive men who appear in the series (hello Hari and Simon). The series deals with relevant and salacious storylines such as infidelity, bisexuality, and even economic hardship, and excitingly, unlike a lot of British shows, it isn't even set in London, but in Bristol. It shows us viewers that we don't have to reside in a New York penthouse to be entertained and to be made to care. There is truly something here for women (and men) of all ages, sizes and lifestyles.
Yes I know that times are hard, but that’s why we need to exploit every avenue that allows us to dream! That is what Mistresses is about; we can gawk at their fantastic lives, debate their dilemmas and covet their wardrobes without guilt or envy. Mistresses gives us exactly what we need, and that's home-grown escapism.

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