Monday, 25 May 2009

You know you're in trouble when Iceland the country is financially more worse off than Iceland the supermarket

Review of Mark Thomas

Hemel Hempstead - The Old Town Hall

I was lucky enough to see Mark Thomas in action last night. For those who haven't heard of him, he's what I would term a 'political comedian', though he's not as dry as Bill Hicks or as earnest as Rob Newman.

Mark's political bent is two-fold. He is currently touring to promote his book Belching out the Devil - which discusses the (negative) effect the Coca Cola conglomerate has on the world. I wouldn't read on if you love American soft-drink capitalism, Mark's show isn't for you!

Secondly Mark regales his audience with tales of political stupidity. He spends the time when not writing and touring campaigning for fairer laws for the common man. He likes to highlight ridiculous Government laws initiatives and do his best to be the scourge of Parliament and the Daily Mail readership. At the moment he is looking into the Police's right to stop and search members of the public and how far those powers can be stretched. Its funnier than it sounds...

Some people might think this is a little highbrow but there is no way that Mark is holier-than-thou. His schtick concentrates on making us laugh at the idiocy of modern political life. He likes a little audience participation too, and we were all required to write down our policy choices, should we ever be put in charge. Mark has pormised to fight for our rights and create a People's Manifesto. Some of the favourites were changing the National Anthem to the Star Wars Imperial War March and a 1 in 1 out immigration policy (come back right-wingers all is forgiven) with the British nation as a whole deciding who gets kicked out. What a reality show that would be!

Peppered with cusses that would make a sailor blush, this isn't for everyone and Mark does seem particulary angry these days. But if you want to see a comedy show that makes you laugh and makes you think, then Mark is for you.

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