Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Write Club day 3: Expenses and Festival Fatigue

A quick point on MP expenses first.
I am not sure about you, but I do not have £12,000 or £20,000 just hanging around in a bank account ready to pay back to the Government, in the unlikely event that I am accused of fiddling my parliamentary expenses. So how then do all of these MPs manage it? I presume some are over 50 and have been working for quite some time, but it seems to me that MPs get paid rather handsomely and seem to have buckets of money, just lying around. The Sarah Lou quick-fix solution is that every MP who has unjustly used their expenses allowances should pay back the disputed amount asap. Oh and MP house-shares in London, with the main residence being the house in the constituency. Its your consistuency, you live there. Problem solved.

Festivals. Is it me or are there even more music festivals taking place this year? I think going to watch your favourite band in the sunshine (or more likely, the pouring rain) is a treat and everyone should do it. But I am definitely contracting a severe case of festival fatigue, before the season has even begun. I subscribe to, a great website updating all would-be festival attendees on the acts, dates, cost and venues. The website lists 32 pages of festivals based both here and all over the world. I won't name names, but I can't imagine that all of these will run and I expect to see many of the smaller less-publicised ones cancelled. In these crunch times, maybe the better approach is to save your money, stay at home and come October watch Taking Woodstock, the new film by Ang Lee chronicling the legendary original hippie music event.

Much drier, more comfortable and considerably cheaper.

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