Sunday, 31 May 2009

Write Club Day 7 - A Week of Writing

It has been 7 days since I started my own personal write club. Here is what I have found:

1. You only think that you're original. I thought of the phrase 'Write Club' all by myself, as reference to the film Fight Club etc. I really thought that I had thought of something witty and unique. A quick look at the Internet was very humbling! It showed me that not only has this idea been used countless times, but so have lots of other things I have written. I can't stand the thought of plagiarism, and would never do so, but it scares me much more to consider that I'm deluded enough to think that my ideas are all my own, or worse, that I don't have an original thought.

2. The urge to amuse is overwhelming. Whenever I write up an anecdote from real life or my opinion on something in the media I can't bear the thought of being offensive (or being guilty of that greater crime, being boring). However, sometimes to hold an opinion in itself is to offend someone, somewhere. So I try to soften my points of view with attempted humour, and I haven't quite mastered it yet!

3. Writing every day is hard and brave. I really enjoy speaking through the internet, but its hard to find something novel and appealing to say, and even harder to find something which I won't cringe at in the future. But pushing myself has been satisfying, and I can see that people are reading my thoughts and are not responding with abuse, which makes it worthwhile.

Coincientally, I've also learned this week that I have an irrational hatred of the film Moulin Rouge. The epithets came thick and fast when I discussed the film with friends this week. 'Rouge-mist' perhaps? (there goes point 2 again...)

Only another 27 weeks to go!

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