Saturday, 30 May 2009

Write Club Day 6 - Eddie Izzard and Games for Girls

Today was a beautiful sunny day so I decided to catch some rays sunbathing in my local park. Except it was teeming with people who also had had the same brainwave I had, except they'd all gotten there two hours visit the funfair. A quiet, private sunbathe had cleverly eluded me. Luckily I had my iphone with me and was able to download a FREE podcast of an interview of Eddie Izzard specially recorded for itunes by comedian Simon Amstell. So at least I got to laugh privately, if nothing else.
I then decided to look around the shops for a new computer game to play on my Wii for when the sun finally disappeared. I found that Pikmin II, an old favourite of mine, had been released on Wii so I was very pleased and picked it up from Game for £29.99).
Read all about the game here
I saw that the top two selling Wii games in both Game and HMV were new fitness/personal training games aimed at females, and it made me wonder whether the percentage of women using games consoles is finally on the increase. I really do hope so, because then we might start seeing more varied games on sale. I don't mean My Little Pony for the Take That generation, I mean two player functionality (the couple that games together, stays together), puzzle solving, and more plot driven experiences, rather than the huge amount of weapons-heavy first person shooters that dominate the current market. Don't get me wrong, I love Resident Evil and Gears of War as much as the next person (although the next person is nearly always a man) but I also like using my thinking cap as well as my opposable thumbs.
However, before I become overexcited, the surge in 'fitness gaming' might simply be because that there will always be a market for innovative ways to try and get slim and fit and stay slim and fit. Time will tell.

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