Thursday, 28 May 2009

Write Club day 4 : Sexism/Law/Psychology

I find it funny how coincidences arise.

Last night my other half kindly informed me that he was surprised to see 4 females and only 1 male in The Apprentice TV show quarter finals. Would he have made the same exclamation had it been 4 guys and 1 girl? It is still so very hard for women in the workplace and sexism is prevalent in all walks of life. Even when he made this comment I readily nodded my head in agreement. Then I was sickened for betraying my gender with a quick nod of my noggin!

However, it doesn't help when sexism is perpetuated by us ladies ourselves. Cut to this morning, where I read an article in a legal magazine, which purported that most female lawyers in the UK would rather work for a male than a female boss. So far, I agree. Then, the article fell by the wayside as the female journalist believed that this was due to higher expectations for female bosses to be kinder to their same-gendered protogees. I completely disgaree. When I work for someone, I want them to be fair and courteous with a sense of fun. I don't want to be unduly praised or berated just because my boss and I happen to share an extra X chromosome. The article also stated that older female partners struggled so much getting to their lofty platform that they believe that their younger counterparts should also do the same, and make their lives a misery accordingly. I think some people are just mean spirited. In psychology Tajfel's Social Identity Theory states that all you need to do to create discrimination is to create two groups, one you're in and one you're not.

So ladies, let's remember we're all in the same group. The other group is full of discriminators, and we need all the help we can get.

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